Frank T Bailey -- Web Developer

Seasoned Open-Source / Software Developer
15+ years experience as web and application developer

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    I genuinely enjoy developing software and have assisted many in creating world class enterprise solutions.

    Motivational Factors
    • I love programming, I have always loved to program.
    • I first started programming in high school back in 1992
    • Ever since then I have continued to develop programs and learn new technologies as they become available.


    Some of the technical skills I have acquired during my 15 year tenure as a web developer

    Development skills
    • Programming: C, C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C (iPhone development)
    • User Interface: HTML5, XML, CSS, XSL, JSP, Servlets, Portlets
    • Relational Database: SQL, Oracle DB, MySQL
    Frameworks and Technologies
    • J2EE: Servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans, JDBC, JMS, JAXP, JavaMail
    • Testing: Selenium, JUnit, EasyMock
    • Utilities: Jakarta Commons, Javassist, ASM, Log4J
    • Build Tools: Ant, Maven, GNU Make
    • Source Code Management: Git, CVS, Subversion
    • IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Netbeans


    Professional Experience

    Websites developed
    • * Website for freelancers and job providers
    • * Domain name sales and management
    • * Cufflinks
    • * iPhone repairs
    • * Classifieds
    • * Portals
    • * Content Management Systems
    • * Learning Management Systems
    HTML5 is quite exciting!HTML5 + CSS + JS